UNSCENE! Artist Team Call
Work with UNSCENE! art director Brandon Oldenburg on one (or more) of the UNSCENE! events.  This is a community engagement area for each UNSCENE! that will encourage and collect feedback and suggestions for future UNSCENE! events and for the advancement of SHREVEPORT COMMON. 


Up to THREE Artists to transform one of the three SHIPPING CONTAINERS on the grounds of Shreveport Common. The Artist will create an “inside and outside” artwork that should include a sales gallery, curated exhibition, art installation (inside and out), film, or some other art experience.  


UNSCENE! Multiple Mini Art Pieces Creation Call
We are looking for art to sell out of our UNSCENE! Art-Mobile! This UNorthodox machine will act as an Ice Cream Truck, but instead of popsicles and ice cream sandwiches, we want to offer YOUR art. 

UNSCENE! Create A New Work Call
Artists’ may submit proposals to create a new work such as an installation, performance art, or a performance: it must be an entirely NEW work (not limited to one song or one poem) that debuts during UNSCENE! 

UNSCENE! Create a Parade Call
Everyone loves a parade!  Artists/Artists’ Teams are invited to create a dynamic, interactive, one of a kind, parade(s).


UNSCENE! Exercise to Music Call
Exercise and dancing can be an art of it's own, and what better way to experience it than doing it to local musician's music.  

UNSCENE! Create a Recipe Call
Culinary Art Demonstrations – Team up with a “farmer/gardener” to demonstrate three ways to prepare one “market fresh” food item.

UNSCENE! Create a Scavenger Hunt Call
A big part of UNSCENE! is to discover Shreveport Common. Artists could propose the design of a “Scavenger Hunt(s)” that leads people to the creative, UNusual potential of Shreveport Common.


UNSCENE! What I Want to do Call
The above artist calls too confining, or perhaps you didn't see what you wanted to do?  Here is your chance to tell us how you as an artist have something unique to bring to the table.

UNSCENE! Create a Performance Call
Artists, you can apply to perform an existing work. Poets, Dancers, Actors/Theatre Companies/ Comedians, Performance Artists, and Musicians are invited to show what is UNSCENE! about your art.