Steve Olson, skateboarding legend, is making his mark in Shreveport Common with new public art, exhibition and workshops with Northwest Louisiana artists. Olson begins a six-week Artist Residency for the Shreveport Regional Arts Council with the goal of creating vibrancy in Shreveport Common—a long neglected area in the western edge of downtown Shreveport.

Steve Olson, 52, began skateboarding in the late 1960’s and gained fame for revolutionizing pool and “bowl” skating and many moves on the vertical plane. He competed in the first compeitions of pool and bowl skateboarding. Olson was awarded "Skater of the Year" in Skateboarder Magazines' reader poll in 1978. He also won the overall Hester Pool Riding Series and held the top title for several years in the 1970’s in the Banked Slalom skateboarding competition for high speed bank riding and racing. He is also the co-creator of Independent Truck Company, a supplier best known for making skate trucks—two metal (usually aluminum alloy attachments on a skateboard deck, which connect the wheels and bearings to the deck.

Olson is a Long Beach, California native currently residing in Los Angeles where he works in his art studio creating new visual works, using textile, wood, metal, and found objects. In 2011, Steve Olson and his son, Alex Olson—also a respected skateboarder and artist—exhibited their collaborative body of art work called “Venice in Venice” at the prestigious Venice Biennale art gallery in California. Olson has travelled all over the world exhibiting his art work in solo and group shows including California, New York, Paris, Germany and more.

While in Shreveport, Olson will create an interactive exhibition at artspace, “Generationless: Skateboarders Are Artists, Too.” with eight other professional skaters who are also artists. He will also unveiled his original designed public art piece, “Skateable Scupture”, at UNSCENE! on February 15, 2014.

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