2:00 pm14:00

AS IS : Nick Cave Residency

Nick Cave, the most popular, most collected, most innovative Artist in the World – is coming to Shreveport! An internationally renowned Artist, Sculptor, Performer, and self-described “Messenger,” Cave is known for his elaborate, symbolic Sound Suits that are made to hide the human and expose the inner message of social consciousness.

Nick Cave’s work is featured in Museums, Galleries, and Private Collections all over the world including the Smithsonian, Museum of Modern Art, New York, Seattle Art Museum, Crystal Bridges Museum, and the Trapholt Museum in Denmark. Cave’s exhibitions, installations, and performative works span the globe including London, Paris, China, Seoul, Jerusalem, and Portugal. 

So why is Nick Cave coming to Shreveport? He has a “message” to share: Nick Cave wants this community to hear the voices of Shreveport Common - the important residents, many who live in the care of Social Service Organizations message - Providence House, Mercy Center, VOA McAdoo and the Youth Programs at the VOA Lighthouse – along with the voices of the Artists who are imagining and creating this 9-block UNcommon Cultural development. Shreveport Common is founded on the principles of Authenticity, Creativity, Sustainability and Community – not planned as an Arts District, but a community of people who embrace creativity and individuality and seek to “stumble upon the fun.” 

Cave will first “blanket” Shreveport with elaborately beaded, woven, constructed blankets that symbolize the “hidden stories” of those who are not heard in our community. Then, in the Production, the community will “UNcover” the stories of the people who have been “UNseen” before now through theatre, dance, art, music, film, and sound installations in a Performative Production at the Municipal Auditorium on Sunday, March 20.

Local artists selected by Nick Cave to partner with him during this “Artists Residency” include Sherry Tamburo and Heather Beauvais – working with the Providence House to make beaded blankets and Raffia costumes, Luther Cox, Jr. the Production Choreographer, and Poetic X – Spoken Word Artist who was selected by the National Endowment for the Arts as Poet of the Month, April, 2011. Additionally, Karen La Beau is selected to partner with Cave and the VOA McAdoo, Jerry Davenport will lead the residency and making of blankets, spirit sticks and armature embellishments with the teens at the VOA Lighthouse, and Kathryn Usher will lead the making of 15 symbolic blankets representing the stories of the residents of Mercy Center, a program of the Philadelphia Center. The Production Director is Josh Porter of the Shreveport Regional Arts Council; Programmer is Nadine Charity, and Neighborhood Coordinator is Esther Kennedy, Shreveport Common Project Administrator.

Mark your calendars. Sunday, March 20
Tickets will go on sale in late 2015
Looking to volunteer to be a part of the Nick Cave Residency? Contact us here!

10:00 am10:00

Stan "The Record Man" Lewis Music Fest.


The Family Stone

Bluebirds’ Shreveport
Soul Orchestra


King Edwards
& Nolan Struck

Shreveport Regional
Jazz Ensemble

Brady Blade Sr.
& the Hallelujah Train

Matthew Davidson Band

Stan Lewis Interview
inside artspace

Betty Lewis and The Executives



Saturday September 26
The 700 Block of Texas Street
Former Home of Stan’s Record Shop
10:00 am  -  10:00 pm

Join us for LIVE MUSIC
Record Ruckus Vinyl Shops
(Basement of artspace)
Arts Market featuring local artists
Food Trucks
and all ages family fun - Hands On Activities!!!

Standing at the corner of Texas and Common Streets, Stan’s Records spent the 1950s through 1980’s as a hub for musical culture in Shreveport/Bossier cities, but not everyone knows that “Uncle Stan” AKA Stan “The Record Man” Lewis represents one of the most significant figures in the history of Shreveport, Louisiana.  Lewis turned a jukebox route and small record shop into a music empire by distributing and selling millions of records, issuing over one thousand releases on his own labels (Jewel, Paula & Ronn) and helped write songs that gained tremendous success.  

“Uncle Stan” will be turning 88 years “young” this year, and the Shreveport Regional Arts Council is inspired to produce an annual event that Tributes and Reminisces about the career and impact of STAN LEWIS - a local living legend and national icon in the music industry.  The event “brings back” musicians who got their start at the hands of Stan, either because he co-wrote songs, recorded and published them, distributed them, and / or sold the records.  With the help of the Lewis family, local music historian and DJ, Chris Brown, and Garland Jones, SRAC presents the second Stan – The Record Man – Tribute Fest.

The first incarnation of the festival happened in March of 2014 as part of the UNSCENE! series and featured a DJ panel, arts market, hands-on activities, live music performed by groups Stan produced and more!  Saturday, September 26 from 10:00am – 10:00pm the festival returns with everything you loved last year and more!  More info to come.


Jun 28

Common Culture Week

The overall goal of the week is to identify and equip area “potential collectors” to invest in Artworks created and distributed by Northwest Louisiana Artists in the Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts fields. Everything about the week is designed to bring Collectors and Artists together to learn, appreciate, and “invest” in what each needs. Have you considered what a potential Collector needs in order to make a commitment to support the career advancement of an Artist? Have area “taste makers,” interior designers, or just great “shoppers” thought about why they should invest in Artists who live and make their living right here? This dialogue will take place throughout the week of “matchmaking” opportunities.

Tentative Week Schedule Info:
Tuesday June 23: Collector's Evening & Opening of the Artist Entrepreneurial Traning Exhibition
Wednesday June 25: Marilyn Couch Exhibition Opening
Thursday June 26: Nadine Charity Literary Exhibition Opening
Friday June 27: UNDISPUTED Returns!
Saturday June 28: Shreveport Bossier Studio Tours

More information to come!

4:30 pm16:30


The finale event for the 2013/2014 UNSCENE! Arts Residency Series is UNDISPUTED:

UNDISPUTEDUNcovers Shreveport/Bossiers greatest talent in an event that brings together artists of all backgrounds, styles and mediums, and is juried by a panel of 3 professional critics.  For one night only, 8 Artist teams comprised of groups of up to 5 compete for a chance at TEN GRAND in prize money by producing collaborative works in front of a LIVE audience!  Experience the creative process at work, vote for your favorite teams, and on Saturday August 9, be a part of something currently UNSCENE! in Shreveport Bossier! 

The finale event for the 2013/2014 UNSCENE! Arts Residency Series is UNDISPUTED!…an Art Challenge to determine which team can create interesting works of art in a manner that engages the audience and do it within 30 minutes!


Kathryn Usher, Captain;
Nadine Charity, Jerry Usher

Chris Baker, Captain;
Julieann Banks, Courtney Gaston

Mimi Rankin Webb, Captain;
Donald Webb II, Chuck Loridans, James Marks, and Jason Pliler

Emily Daye, Captain;
Sam Thomas, Amanda Roe, Josh Ellis and Ashton Hanson

John Lomax, Captain;
Ben Moss, Jeormie Journell, Jared Leo, and Kedrick Williams

Renee Caldwell, Captain;
Nicola Ballard, Qean Ballard, Lewis Williams

Carnessha Eason, Captain;
Knockamechee Pharoh, Kimberly Smith, Rod Sims

Ryan McCutcheon, Captain;
Steve Zihlavsky, John Bicknell

The Artist teams with the most favor will be the ones taking home $10,000.  How do the artists gain favor?  Good question, there are two factors that help your favorite team win.  1. Through the purchase of "washers" used as voting tokens.  Each washer you purchase (at 50 cents/washer) will push your team's scale closer to the winning weight.  This weight that shows the audiences favorite team will account for 48% of each teams score.


The other 52% will come from the panel of critics and the guest judges.  Together the scores will equal 100% and you will see who moves on to the next round. 

ROUNDS:  There are three elimination rounds to get to the winner:

Round 1 – All 8 teams compete to determine the 4 teams that will move to Round 2.  This round will be made up of two matches.

Round 2 – The 4 teams compete to determine the 2 teams that will move to the FINAL ROUND.

FINAL ROUND – The 2 teams compete to determine the $10,000 winner!

John and Nicole Durbin will be Battling it out on separate DJ booths during matches.

Entry into the event is $10.00 (includes your first 10 tokens)
All ages are invites, but children under 9 must be accompanied by an adult.
This event will essentially be a construction site so BE CAREFUL!!!  We don't need the audiences Blood, Sweat, and Tears to be part of the art display.

Food trucks, Beer Booths and an arts market will be present all day!


8:00 pm20:00

Twang Darkly presents Martian Archeology

Twang Darkly will be performing and releasing a new album of music on its assortment of handmade dulcimers, gourds, bamboo flutes. guitars, harmonicas, upright bass, and drums. Inspired by Sun Ra, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ray Bradbury, and many others, Martian Archaeology is tone poetry for the mystical, timeworn Mars of Old conjured by Earthlings of imagination. The trio's performance will be accompanied by projected imagery recovered from secret missions to the Red Planet.

July 26, 8pm Engine Room of the Central Artstation 
Show is FREE. Copies of new CD will be available for $10.

5:30 pm17:30

A Mid Summer Night's UNSCENE!

WMJD Production Presents....
A spoken word event to enlighten, inspire and empower ALL women!!!
Featuring: Willetta & Crystalyn Whitaker

Spoken word artist and author Willetta and the dynamic lyricist, Crystalyn Whitaker, are taking you on a "Journey" of INSPIRATION and POWER! Be enlightened with the "Expressions" and "Words of Wisdom" for women to fight back, stand strong, and battle the demons of low-self esteem, domestic violence and breast cancer! 

The Sisters Family is a story of three sisters, their families and the issues that come from a journey of growth. Together they learn that even though families love and respect each other sometimes they go through the various ups and downs of life, but with God and strong faith love will always prevails.

The sisters family is a 2 hour production with a 15 minute Intermission act by Christian Rappers, Spiritual Clique.

Cast name and character in order of performance:
Carnessha Eason............India, modern day hippie and oldest daughter of Jean
TD Harris........................Zoe, pregnant college student; youngest daughter of Jean 
Lavisha Moore Edwards...Ann, oldest sister of Jean and Marie; mother of Tory
Tiajuana Hardy................Jean, middle sister of Ann and Marie; mother of India and Zoe
Jabrielle Bartley..............Marie, youngest sister of Ann and Jean; daycare owner; mother of Eden
Talisha Williams.............Tory, daughter of Ann; employed at Marie's daycare center
Jon'quil Edwards............Eden/LaMesha daughter of Marie
Dwayne Edwards...........Mr. Neely, Ann's boss at Turner Medical Center
Kimberly Smith..............Ms. Gloria, Ann's best friend of 35 years

5:30 pm17:30

Puppet Parade Rescheduled due to Rain


Parade through Shreveport Common with Wayne White and his UNexpected cadre of huge Puppet Characters! Meet ELVIS, Hank Williams, Cora M. Allen, Annie McCune, the Cajun Alligator, and many more UNbelievable Puppet People! Join the Parade of Dancers, Drummers, Stilt walkers, Bands, and Food Trucks. March through the Shipping Container Galleries! Catch E.E.M. United and Emily Daye’s “Racing Hearts” installation.

Parents bring your kids to come create their own masks at the hands on activities table with Kathryn Usher and Nadine Charity.

Central Artstation

Crockett St, Shreveport, Louisiana 71101

7:00 pm19:00

Wayne White Artist Talk @ artspace.


Just because the UNSCENE! event featuring Wayne White was moved up doesnt mean he wont be doing his talk. Join the Shreveport Regional Arts Council at artspace for an insight to the man, the legend... Wayne White.

Hear Wayne’s zany journey from set designer for Pee Wee Herman to internationally renowned Fine Artist!


710 Texas St, Shreveport, Louisiana 71101

5:30 pm17:30


Thanks to Chris Jay for this great article.  Now you can read about what you are missing if you dont make this event!

On Friday afternoon, June 20, a farm to table culinary experience with Shreveport native Sarah Rich and her husband and partner Evan of San Francisco's Rich Table pairs Art and Food in June's UNSCENE! happening produced by the Shreveport Regional Arts Council.  Taking place at the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium area visual artists will be paired with area culinary artists for an unique culinary experience.  Stay for a  return of the UNSCENE! Drive-In Movie! 


5:00 pm – 7:00 pmValet Parking for Drive In Movie


TROLLEY TOUR of Shreveport Common:
Shipping Container Galleries featuring Robert Trudeau, Nicola & Qean Ballard and Jeormie Journell
Calanthean Canyon with Peter Fetterman
Wayne White Exhibition @ artspace


5:30 pm – 7:00 pmEuropean Market featuring Crudité & Fromage with Cash Bar in Lobby
Jim Hayes – Artist


Performers:  Julianne Banks and Poetic X

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Doors to the “Grand Auditorium” open for 16 Food & Art Pairings

Trolley Tours Continue

9:00 pm

Mosey to the Movie via Milam Street with RICH TABLE created gourmet Pop Corn 

9:00 pm - “Let’s All Go to the Lobby” – Snack Bar Commercials
9:30 pm - “Ratatouille”
Food Trucks, Libations, Sodas, Candy Bar, Pop Corn featuring Geauxsicles, jesters, Lilah's, la micheocana


Chef Sarah & Evan Rich
Chef Jason Brady

Petroleum Club - Chef Eddie Mars
Zocolos - Chef Jason Reynolds
Wine Country - Chef Kevin Bourg
BLUE Southern Comfort Food - Chef Carolyn Manning
Guiseppes - Guiseppe Brucia
Sevendipity - Chefs Scott Roebuck and Liz Bowen
Soumas Heritage Creole Creations - Chef Pansou Represented by Elva Taylor and Ryan Taylor
Chef Services Inc - Chef Hardette Harris
Lagniappe Foods - Chef Andrew Parsons
Lilah’s - Lisa/TK Tike
Jesters Catering - Tina Palmesano 
artspace - Chef Cedric Williams
Superiors Steakhouse - Chef Charlie Reed
Abby Singers Bistro - Chef Tootie Morrison
Chef Conrad Patterson 


Kathryn Usher - Nadine Charity - Wendell Wilson - Lynn Laird - Panderina Soumas - Amanda Thurman - Kathryn Day - Robert Trudeau - Su Stella - Jeormie Journell - Chris Broussard - Kirstie Gilliam - Jim Hayes - La


Prevailing Winds
Julieann Banks
Poetic X
Renee Caldwell
Claudia & Michael
Michael Henderson
John & Karen Keane
Brenda Wimberley


While the Drive in is FREE
Entry into the Artists paired with Chefs has a cost of $35
Purchase Tickets for

4:00 pm16:00

How to Carve a Whole Pig with Chef Evan Rich.

Wednesday, June 18:  4:00 pm – 6:00 pm @ artspace, 710 Texas Street, downtown Shreveport
(You asked for it…) Chef Evan Rich Demonstrates “How to Carve a Whole Pig” so that you use all of the parts and pieces efficiently and deliciously…right down to the “OINK!”


5:30 pm17:30

NEXT STEPS in moving Shreveport-Bossier to FRESH – LOCAL – FARM TO TABLE - FOOD!

Monday, June 16: artspace – 710 Texas Street, Downtown Shreveport

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm  PANEL DISCUSSION:  “NEXT STEPS in moving Shreveport-Bossier to FRESH – LOCAL – FARM TO TABLE - FOOD!” Hear from area farmers, restaurateurs, slow food folks, and funders about the challenges of bringing “fresh, local, Farm to Table” here!

Greetings Farmers Market “Challenge” PARTICIPANT!

Thank you for joining the Shreveport Regional Arts Council and Chefs Sarah and Evan Rich and Chef Jason Brady on Saturday at the FARMERS MARKET!  We had a huge day and are grateful for your willingness to participate in the “CHALLENGE” tomorrow, Monday, June 16, at artspace, 710 Texas Street!  What a yummy evening is planned!

 Some reminders to help:

1.      Please arrive between 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm. Parking in the downtown area is FREE after 5 pm.  Spots that say “reserved” are open to all after 5:00 pm!  The easiest parking is “at the head” of Texas Street in the two lots on the north and south corners of Texas St. and Common Street.

2.     The judging begins at 5:30 pm!  The evening is Packed with Activities that you don’t want to miss! We must get started on time.

3.      Please bring your dish “ready to serve” and ready for at least 8 servings – we will provide the tasting spoons, bowls, plates for the jurors. You bring your dish “ready to go.” 

4.     We prefer dishes that are to be served hot to come already heated; we will have very limited (first come/first served) power if you bring your dish in a crock pot or its own warmer.  Sterno lit pots are also acceptable! We will try to judge all HOT food FIRST!

5.     If you choose to bring “more” – great! We’ll add it to the “family-style supper” that the Chefs are preparing.

6.     When you arrive, you will fill out a card identifying your dish…please think of the NAME for your DISH!

7.     You will bring your dish to the top floor of artspace where our team will display it for the judges.



5:00 pm - 5:30 pm – Acceptance of “dishes!”

5:30 pm – Judging begins

6:15 pm – Awarding / Critiquing begins

6:30 pm – For those staying for the PANEL DISCUSSION, we will serve a family-style supper

7:00 pm – Learning about the Rich Table experience:  Chefs Sarah and Evan Rich, Rich Table, San Francisco:  James Beard Winners; “Hottest Restaurant” in San Francisco!

7:30 pm – Panel Discussion: “Farm to Table – How do we get there from here” featuring:


PanelistsJason Brady –Emcee

Bob Ludwig – Regional Administrator, Food and Nutrition Services, USDA

Grace Peterson – Louisiana Agriculture Extension Representative, Winner $665,000 Grant from USDA for “Community Garden” to Table Project

Jeff Everson – City Council District B

Craig Smith – Smith Farms

Evan McCommon – Mahaffrey Farms

Paula Hickman – Director, The Community Foundation of North Louisiana

Chris Jay – “Foodie” for Shreveport Bossier Convention & Tourist Bureau

Chefs Sarah and Evan Rich – RICH TABLE, San Francisco


7:00 am07:00

Farmer's Market Cooking Challenge

Saturday, June 14:  7 am – 12:00 noon:  Farmers Market Cooking Challenge begins:  
Come to the Farmers Market and discover the “Secret Ingredient” as you “check in” for the FREE Farmers Market Cooking Challenge.  Purchase your ingredient -- and other fresh foods – take it home and prepare your “signature dish” for Chefs Sarah and Evan Rich and Chef Jason Brady to JUDGE on Monday, June 16 @ artspace!  There are prizes! There is a “Public Review”…will you escape the scathe or win a “yum yum!” 
        This is an “Everyman” event…anyone can pARTicipate!


ReturnMake Sure to return on Monday, June 16 at artspace for part two of this event!

6:00 pm18:00

Renee Caldwell at the Calanthean Canyon

Renee Caldwell and friends open up the houses once again to perform a Southern Soul and Blues show. Every Calanthean show is different and this one should stand out for everyone!


1001 Texas Avenue next to the Calanthean Temple.

May 17

UNSCENE! w/ New Orleans Airlift

Ross Harmon 
Frank Pahl 
Taylor Lee Shepherd
Delaney Martin 
Peter Fetterman
Michael Futreal
Brett Roberts 
James Marks 
the Calanthean Collective
Luther Cox, Jr. 
and many many more!

Unscene! brings New Orleans Airlift artists to create interactive musical architecture and performances at the Calanthean Canyon in Shreverport Common. Local musicians, including Theresa Anderson, the Slade Collective, Brittney Madox & A.J. Haynes play the houses along with a special spectral appearance by a “Resident”. 

Friday May 16th
2 Performances at 8:00 pm & 9:00 pm. 

Saturday May 17th
Tours 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm, with performances at odd times throughout the day.  
Luther Cox Jr. performs on the Skateable Sculpture by Steve Olson. 
Arts Markets, Food  & Beer Trucks all day

More to come!

11:30 am11:30

UNSCENE! w/ Theresa Andersson

Music Schedule!

11:00 Jasper McAdams & Co.
12:00 pm The Dubonauts
1:00 pm No Refunds
2:00 pm Port Belly Project
2:45 Summit Falls
3:45 Port Belly Project
4:30 No Refunds

11:30am John & Karen
12:30pm Shreveport 100
2:00pm Co-Op Mode
3:00pm John & Karen
4:00pm Co-Op Mode
5:00pm Port Belly Project


12:00 Noon Reneessance
3:00 pm Reneessance

5:30 Parade Starts

7:00 Shreveport Hoop Group
7:00 Nicole Durbin DJ set
8:00 Theresa Anderson featuring the choreography of Luther Cox Jr., Choir direction by Sereca Henderson and the art of Joe Bluhm!

The BIG SCENE is the collaboration of the Texas Avenue Makers Fair, Holiday in Dixie Parade and UNSCENE! to create  the BIGGEST party in Shreveport Common.  

BIG SHOPPING at the Texas Avenue Makers Fair with over 250 booths!

BIG MUSIC live on four stages.


BIG FOOD FEST with food trucks and vendors.

BIG EXPERIENCE performed by
Theresa Andersson featuring Luther Cox Jr., Sereca Henderson and Joe Bluhm.

More coming Soon!

11:30 am11:30

UNSCENE! Tribute to Stan Lewis

Click to make Larger


STAN LEWIS, known to many as Stan "The Record Man" Lewis or “Uncle Stan”, owner of Stan's Record Store, will be turning 87 years “young” this year. On March 8, UNSCENE! pays tribute and reminisces about the career and impact of STAN LEWIS - a local living legend and national icon in the music industry.  The event “brings back” musicians who got their start at the hands of Stan, either because he co-wrote songs, recorded and published them, distributed them, and / or sold the records.

Stan Lewis has recorded hundreds of musicians, including Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Bobby Rush, Aretha Franklin, Buddy Guy, Big Joe Turner, John Lee Hooker, Brady Blade, Fats Domino, and even the Rolling Stones.

Special guests to pay tribute:

-Legendary musicians from over the decades who got their recording start with Stan Lewis

-Local music historian and DJ, Chris Brown will curate a contemporary bands tribute to the “historic” bands.

-A “Storytelling Panel” of DJ’s who are renowned for promoting Stan’s records and musicians

-Contemporary “area” bands who are influenced by the historic R&B, Blues, and Gospel greats, and will create their own musical concert tributing theses musicians by performing their works in the tradition of the “new band”.

-Local also performers include Luther Cox and the Intercity Row Modern Dance Company, Dorothy Kristin Hanna, and The Matthew Davidson Band.

Also, get your fill of food at a Street Food Court that features “Southern Soul” cooking and eating! And bring your pocketbooks to buy the must have original creations  in the Street Vendor/Art Market that includes a “Swap Shop” for records, “Jewel Jewelry” and the sale of souvenir T-Shirts.

12:00pm: Princess Monro   
1:00pm:  Donnie Ray
1:45pm:  Matthew Davidson Band
2:00pm:  Buddy Flett Acoustic
2:45pm:  Betty Lewis and The Executives
2:45pm:  Stan Lewis interviewed by Chris Brown 
3:45pm:  Tres BLUEBIRDS
4:45pm:  Bright Star Male Chorus
5:30pm:  Brady L. Blade, Sr. & The Hallelujah Train
6:30pm:  Ernie Johnson
7:15pm:  Carl Sims
8:00pm:  Vickie Baker
9:15pm:  BOBBY RUSH

Inside artspace
1:00 pm – 1:45 pm:  DJ’S interviews/panel 
Moderated by Chris Brown, Centenary Archivist
Featuring: CC Samuels, Larru ryan, Claude BB Bird Brain Davis, Elbert “Eddie” Giles, Don Logan & Steve Anderson


10:30 am10:30

UNSCENE! w/ Steve OlsoN

UNSCENE! February Schedule

12:00 The Michael Henderson Trio          Feat. Princess Monro
12:00 "Scenes for a Saturday"
1:00 Exercise with Monro Brown
1:00 Ian Quiet Band
2:00 SLT Broadway
2:00 The Michael Henderson Trio          Feat. Monro Brown
2:45 UNveiling with Steve Olson
3:15 Live Beats Cypher.
3:15 "Scenes for a Saturday"
4:00 Blood Punch
4:15 UNdeniably Atlanta
5:00 Kings of Pleasure
5:15 "Scenes for a Saturday"
6:00 Live Beats Cypher
6:15 SLT Broadway
6:45 Kings of Pleasure
6:45 Shreveport Hoop Group
7:45 Vs. The She Beast
7:45 Shreveport Hoop Group
8:45 Live Beats Cypher
8:45 Shreveport Hoop Group
9:15 Blood Punch
Inbetween Shows
Kedrick Williams Walls

Text “unscene” to #81212 for updates and special deals during the event


Steve Olson, skateboarding legend, is making his mark in Shreveport Common with new public art, exhibition and workshops with Northwest Louisiana artists. Olson begins a six-week Artist Residency for the Shreveport Regional Arts Council with the goal of creating vibrancy in Shreveport Common—a long neglected area in the western edge of downtown Shreveport.   UNSCENE! is Saturday, February 15 from Noon to Night on the corner of Elvis Presley Boulevard and Texas Avenue (across from Municipal Auditorium) in Shreveport Common arts district. Olson headlines the February happening in Shreveport Common and will unveil the public art piece, “Skateable Sculpture”.  “Skateable Sculpture” artistic skate ramp is designed by Olson and crafted by Olson and a team of Northwest Louisiana artists. Taffie Garsee, Jeormie Journell, Ben Moss, and Mary Catherine Rollo were selected to work on the UNSCENE! Artist Residency team for February, assisting Olson with the creation of the large wooden skate ramp. Olson said he designed the multi-leveled skate ramp with ample edges for street skaters to ride.

Shreveport artist Kedrick Williams is creating a public art piece that can be seen and heard.  Williams' 100x100ft boombox will actually be a working speaker system that anyone can hook their mp3 player or radio up to and enjoy sounds in Shreveport Common.


The Ian Quiet Band made its live debut at MSPS Prelude in conjunction with the first UNSCENE event in 2013. Since then they have brought their twist on noise rock and no wave to cities in Texas and Louisiana playing bars, cafes and even thrift shops! They released their first CD, "Darby!" on January 31. They will visit Mississippi in April and continue to play Texas and Louisiana in support of "Darby!".

Just because its chilly outside doesn’t mean you should let those muscles atrophy! Princess Monro will be teaching a dance trend that is sweeping the country and getting the whole family involved! From toe tappers to rug shakers all skill levels are urged to join!  Monro will appear again, later in the day to sing with the Michael Henderson Trio. 

Live Beats Cypher, a group of area Lyricists will showcase their skills to beats mixed by Producer Nathan Treme.  All lyricists/rappers/hip hop artists are encouraged to join in.

Hailing from Highland, Blood Punch is an avant guard, hardcore rap group that often employs over the top costumes and interesting sounds. 

Join Shreveport band Kings of Pleasure as they perform at their West Coast, Jump and Swing style of blues for the Shreveport Common audience.

Vs. the She Beast plays fast, angry, loud punk rock music. Unapologetically they claim they are too old to do this, but they don’t care. They have a love for punk rock and the catharsis that it brings.

The Shreveport Hoop Group is all about (hula) hooping for fun, fitness, health, and they will be engaging the public, keeping those hips shaking and the blood flowing. This month watch the Hoop Group swing their Rings of Fire!

SLTAcademy Senior Company brings UNSCENE! a musical review of the unsung Broadway composers.

Scenes for a Saturday is a program featuring actors of multiple ages involving characters and scenes from great plays and great literature geared towards all members of the family.

   UNdeniably Atlanta, a Poet/Spoken Word artist will present an engaging set of Poetry which will introduce the public to a different view of this style of art.

11:00 am11:00

UNSCENE! Presents Inside Out

  • 900 Texas Ave. Shreveport, la usa

This month UNSCENE! brings you INSIDE OUT, an artist group that has been documented, archived and exhibited all around the world. Over 120,000 people from more than 108 countries have participated in photography, printing and Unheard of sized paste up projects. The INSIDE OUT project has traveled from Ecuador to Nepal, from Mexico to Palestine, inspiring group actions on varied themes such as hope, diversity, gender-based violence, climate change... Join the Shreveport Regional Arts Council on December 14 to discover with INSIDE OUT who is UNSCENE! in Shreveport Common.

Nov 10

UNSCENE! w/ The Makers Fair

This UNSCENE! takes place Saturday November 9, and this month we are pairing up with the

Texas Avenue Makers Fair

10:00 am – 5:00 pm 
Texas Avenue Makers Fair

200+ Makers selling art, craft, jewelry, food & more!

10:00 am 
Exercise: Roshanda Spears & Ron Hardy 

10:30 am 
Ian Quiet 

11:30 am 
Faces of Poetry: Alisha

11:00 pm  
The Good News (2 sets)

12:00 pm  
John Lomax  

12:30 pm  
Chelsea Norman 

12:50 pm  
Roshanda Spears 

1:00 pm 
“Let’s Maker a Parade!”  by Nadine Charity & Kathryn Usher with Queensborough Elem. Flag & Drum Line

1:00 pm  
Faces of Poetry:  Chryshelle 

1:00 pm  
Ryan Viser / Nanolog

1:30 pm  
Hollis & Gillum 

2:00 pm  
Roshanda Spears 

2:30 pm  
Faces of Poetry:  Serenity 

3:00 pm  
Rush to Die
A new musical production by Costas Dafnis 

3:30 pm  
Vs. the She Beast 

UNSCENE! Drive-In Experience

4:00 pm  Vehicle queing for drive in parking. 

“PeeWee’s Big Adventure”

& “Goonies” 

This Month's UNSCENE! Artists!



Roshanda Spears
As a dancer-communicator, my foucus is to enrich the lives of those who see my choreography. Roshanda will choreograph artistic exercise with the help of Ron Hardy and his band.


Ron Hardy
My life is art from the time that I awake in the morning, throughout the day and in my dreams during the night. Within the under served community that I am a product of, artistic thought and creative endeavors have become a way of life in the struggle to survive, thrive and find inner peace with what is there. Artistic creative thought is the vehicle to transform what was not there into what is there…...


Ryan Viser
Always having a love for Electronic music, Ryan has been dabbling in the production arena for a good while and is now boldly combining his electronic creations and aggressive trumpet style to form a unique and exciting sound. 



From Houston Tx, coming out of Shreveport LA, Nanolog is a fusion of high energy electronic music with live guitar instrumentation. Bringing incomparable stage presence and unmatched guitar incorporation, such as live guitar triggered midi instruments like saxophone, orchestra strings, and many more; Nanolog's performances continuously raise the bar for live PA electronic acts.  


Poetic X
I am Poetry! My work is very natural, soulful, and vibrant. I focus on very colorful, sensitive, and direct subjects. We all are Poetry in motion. I enjoy using myself as a verbal display to highlight situations, circumstances, consequencesand actions that cause life to become emotionally attached. To me, Poetry is the highest level of expression. Concept is very important to me. After writing, the work is usually taken to studio to be recorded. Poetry is the substance that creates life. I feel its body is void of energy if I don't create and unite within it.


Costas Dafnis
Composer of modern vocal and instrumental music. Costas has a new musical that will be UNveiled at UNSCENE! titled Rush to Die.    An audience response portion is planned to follow the performance in the Engine Room of Central Artstation downtown. This will be the show's first public production and a valuable part of the life of the work to its creators as well as performers. 


Ian Quiet

Although my work is primarily musical in nature (strongly influenced by pop as well as extreme avant-garde), I have always incorporated performance art during my live act and music videos.  My background, besides music, is also in theatre, film, sound art and fine arts.  It is imperative for me to create a visual aesthetic that compliments the soundtrack through costume, fashion, visual art, film, etc.


Vs. the She Beast
"Vs. the She Beast plays fast, angry, loud punk rock music. Unapologetically. They are too old to do this. They don’t care. They have a love for punk rock and the catharsis that it brings. Mallori Brandon, Kevin DeLoach, Spencer Teekell & Chris Welch are Vs. the She Beast." 


Chelsea Norman 

Chelsea Norman is a musician from Shreveport, Louisiana, who performs with local bands Maw Maw and the Paw Paws, Engine, and her solo project, as well as previously with Victor Olston.  A vocalist and keyboardist, Chelsea Norman focuses her solo sets around ragtime and quirky, classical-based piano music.

The Good News 

Hollis & Gillum 

7:00 pm19:00

MSPS Prelude: Presented by UNSCENE!

  • Historic Andress Ford Parking Garage

This year MSPS has paired up with UNSCENE! created by the Shreveport Regional Arts Council to bring another night of exploration and music to Shreveport's historic “Andress Ford” Parking Garage.