Saturday, August 9, 2014

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Rules Updated on July 23


The finale event for the 2013/2014 UNSCENE! Arts Residency Series is UNDISPUTED!…an Art Challenge to determine which team can create interesting works of art in a manner that engages the audience and do it within 30 minutes!

Saturday, August 9


UNDISPUTED! is one of the first “earned income” events intended to support the production of future UNSCENE! happenings.  Funds will be raised through the sale of “tokens” used to vote for the favorite teams and through the sale/auctioning of the Team-created objects – works of ART –throughout the evening…and beyond. 



 1 night, 8 artist teams each comprised of up to 5 artists, 3 national art critics, 6 UNDISPUTED! rounds pairing team vs team, leading to 1 final competition where the winning team will take home a cash prize of 10,000 dollars.


II.   UNDISPUTED! Game Goal:  A physical object must be created over the course of a 30 minute round. This does not preclude other Arts components being included in the 30 minute assignment.  The judging will include the process of creating the physical object. Each team will go through a series of elimination rounds. Every aspect of every round will be viewed by the audience from the arena seating and via projected video footage.


UNDISPUTED! Assignments will be directed by the participating Art Critics and UNSCENE! Management Team.  Assignments will be completed within 30 minutes, with countdowns at 15, 10, 5, 3, 1, .30 minute intervals, and then a 10-1 second final countdown, to the "step away" announcement.


ROUNDS:  There are three elimination rounds to get to the winner:

Round 1 – All 8 teams compete to determine the 4 teams that will move to Round 2.

Round 2 – The 4 teams compete to determine the 2 teams that will move to the FINAL ROUND.

FINAL ROUND – The 2 teams compete to determine the $10,000 winner!



III.  Selection of Teams:  Teams will pre-qualify through the Submission process. (Team members’ work samples will be reviewed on the Northwest Louisiana Artists Directory – if a member is not on the Directory at the time of submission, it is possible that – based upon the number of entries – your team will not advance because the jurors cannot review each of the team members artistic abilities.) As warranted based upon the number of submissions, there may be an advanced Audition.  Submissions are due Monday, July 28, 2014.




1. Team Composition:  Teams are comprised of up to five artists.  The same artists are competing for the duration of the event; you may not “replace” or switch artists throughout the event.  There are no additional support crew members or assistants allowed into the UNDISPUTED! ARENA.  All team members (artists) must be registered on the Northwest Louisiana Artists Directory* no later than 4:00 pm, Monday, August 4.  Tiana Kennell, Shreveport Regional Arts Council Arts Resource Center Coordinator will assist an artist in getting on the Directory (318-673-6500 / tiana@shrevearts.org). Teams with Artists who are not on the NWLA DIRECTORY will be disqualified from competition on Tuesday, August 5, 2014.


Each competing team will come to the CREATION ARENA with team expertise that should span the array of Arts Disciplines and Forms to include sculpture, painting, drawing, dance, theatre, poetry, etc.

There is no requirement dictating the composition of the Team based upon Art Disciplines; however, the CRITICS’ scoring includes points in all Arts Disciplines.


2.  Team Captain - A team captain should be assigned by each team as a main point of contact prior to the event. All communication will be directed to and from the Team Captain. 


3.  Team Name - A team name is mandatory and should be chosen and shared in your submission form.


4.  Team Attire - A team uniform is mandatory. The style is totally up to the team.


5. Materials: Each team will receive a $500 Materials Budget. Each team is responsible for bringing their own materials to complete the three ROUNDS. Teams must provide all materials, supplies, equipment that they determine necessary to be competitive.  The winning team will have created three new works of Art. 


A.  To help, a “Supply Pile” of “junk and treasures” from the SRAC warehouse will be available for all teams to use.  Upon receiving the Assignment for each Round, each team will have three (3) minutes to “grab and go” from the Junk/Treasure Pile. (Event Sound and Lighting is provided by UNSCENE!)


B.    There will be a DJ who will oversee “the beat, rhythm, and atmosphere” for the entire evening to include warm ups, and time countdowns.  The teams are encouraged to incorporate this “beat” into the performance through dance or percussion; however this is an undetermined element of the performance – there is no pre-information/rehearsal/or provided “track” to help you prepare. Teams are not allowed to bring music to the performance since there are two teams performing/creating at one time and it would compete and interrupt the other team.  WE cannot have competing audio sources. 


6. A SECRET INGREDIENT will be introduced in ROUND 1 and in the FINAL ROUND with increasing levels of difficulty (it will be provided to the advancing teams at the “start of the round”); each team will be required to incorporate the SECRET INGREDIENT into their artwork.


II.        EXPECTATIONS:  As a selected Artist team, what should you expect the evening of the event?


1. Check-In:  On Saturday, August 9, each team will be given a check-in time between 10am and 3pm - the day of the event. Think of this as your material load in and sound/tech check (provided by UNSCENE!).  You will be provided a small gathering, preparation area.


2.  Team Introduction:  Each Selected Team will “introduce themselves” with a 5 minute presentation This introduction may garner the early audience “favoritism.” Immediately following the introduction, the team will be given their first assignment by the Critics/Judges.


3. Competition:  Two teams will “Battle” at the same time.  The Audience and Judges are selecting the winner between each team.  Round I will include four (4) separate battles.  Round II will include two (2) separate battles.  The FINAL ROUND will include one (1) battle.


4.  Ownership/Rights: NEW:  All works will become the property of the Shreveport Regional Arts Council for a period of one year.  DURING the event, there will be Sales or Auctions of the created works.  The Artists’ Team will receive 50% of the sale/high bid and Shreveport Regional Arts Council will receive 50% of the sale/high bid.  UNsold works may be exhibited, displayed, sold or auctioned at other times.  If sold, the Artists’ Team will receive 50% of the Sale.  The Artists’ Team may also exhibit or display the works upon scheduling with the Shreveport Regional Arts Council.  Works that have not been sold within one year will be made available to the Artists’ Team. 


5.  Check-Out: All materials and supplies brought by the team must be removed from the site at the time of departure.  Any remaining items will either be discarded or will become the property of SRAC.



Teams will be judged on several factors that surround the finished artistic project/object:  the process of achievement, showmanship, collaboration, use of the assigned "Secret Ingredient,” and use of the assigned MUSE.


There are two scores combined to identify the Round Winner as follows:


1.  AUDIENCE VOTE48% of the vote for each Round will be determined by the AUDIENCE. This is a popularity vote. How does this work? Special “Coins” will be sold for $1.00 each throughout the evening – the audience decides which team deserves their coins. A large “scale” will be placed front and center to weigh the Audience Vote.  A system of two large tubes will direct the coins towards the “scale”: one shoot aims the coin towards the team on the right and the other for the team on the left. This system of voting is a pay to play system. Imagine roving coin sales people with special illuminated costumes with trays wandering through the crowd and urging the purchase of coins to support your team throughout the evening. Competing teams are encouraged to bring supporters that urge the audience to vote for their team!


2.  52% of the vote for each round will be decided upon by our panel of celebrity judges and art critics. They will grade upon craftsmanship, entertainment value, and best use of secret medium and muse. There will be one total score (1- low to 10- high) per judge; these will be added to determine the panel’s decision.


3. In case of a tie, the panel of judges will convene to determine the winner.




V.   {Submission Process:  Go to the unsceneshreveport.com site to complete the Submission Form! Look for AUGUST UNDISPUTED!!




1.      Applications due4:00 pm, Monday, July 28; but will be reviewed in order as submitted.  


2.      Announcement of Teams or of AUDITION DATE:  Tuesday, July 29 via email and unsceneshreveport.com Website Posting.


3.    Deadline for all team members to be listed on the NWLA ARTISTS DIRECTORY: 

Monday, August 4. Teams with artists who are not on the NWLA ARTISTS DIRECTORY will be disqualified on Tuesday, August 5.




5.     DEADLINE for submitting your list of supplies, materials and POWER NEEDS:  Monday, Aug. 4!


6.      Date of UNDISPUTED! EventSaturday, August 9:  10 am – 10 pm.  Selected Artists Teams must be able for the entire day.  The event is anticipated to run from 5:00 pm – 10:30 pm.


7.      Notification of WinnerSATURDAY, AUGUST 9:  END OF SHOW!


8.      Receipt of Check:  Team Captain determines how the check will be issued and what remuneration each team member will receive for a total of $10,000; this information will be presented to Shreveport Regional Arts Council no later than 5:00 pm, Monday, August 11; checks will be issued at 3:00 pm, Thursday, August 14 at the Shreveport Regional Arts Council Reception Desk.


9.    Warning: Everyone knows that Art is subjective; however, if you chose to participate in this activity you may subject yourself to UNdue pressure and UNwarranted, UNexcuseable criticism from everyone except the Professional Critics who may critique your work... eloquently, but will not criticise YOU!



Arts Critic Symposium: Don’t miss the two-day Arts Critic Symposium with discussions, exhibitions, and a review of YOUR Portfolio by nationally renowned Critics (who will judge UNDISPUTED!) curated by Robert Pincus, Ph.D, former Visual Art Critic for the Los Angeles Times and San Diego Tribune:  Thursday, August 7 and Friday, August 8 @ artspace!



* Northwest Louisiana (NWLA) Artists Directory: 

This is the instrument by which the Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) communicates with and compensates (through “Calls,” Commissions, Proposals, and Individual Grants) artists who live and work in Northwest Louisiana – the 10 parish region that SRAC is designated by the Louisiana Division of the Arts to serve.  The Directory is an On-Line “self identifying” listing of the artists.  The Directory enables an efficient “one-stop” review process:  Artists no longer need to prepare samples, bio, and artist statement for each and every competitive opportunity...it’s all in one place ready for Jurors’ review. This makes is much easier for Artists to apply for the many opportunities that SRAC, Bossier Arts Council, and others who make commissions in Northwest Louisiana.  SRAC is encouraging Architects, Interior Designers, and Event Planners to “go to” the Directory to discover artists to include in their work.


The Artists who are considered the “Policy Makers” for Arts Growth are known as the

Juried Roster Artists”...these Artists have determined that the appropriate way for the SRAC to “recognize and compensate” artists is through the Directory listing.  There are four components to the listing:


1.      Samples of Art – A minimum of 10 samples of Visual or Literary Art, or TWO ten-minute Performance recordings is required to complete the listing.  An Artist may include up to 100 samples spanning a variety of mediums as desired. All samples are in a digital up-loadable format.  The Samples are the area that Artists most often tell us they have a problem.  Call Tiana and ask her to help you! She can help by phone or she will instruct you to bring your digital file to her and she will assist in person.


2.      Artist’s Bio/Resume – This is an up-loadable document that tells the progression of the Artist to include:  Education, Experience, Honors/Awards, Commissions/Exhibitions/Performances.  This bio usually does not include areas of work that are not related to Arts Production/Distribution.  For example, you would not include that you are the Maitre ‘D at a restaurant.


3.      Artist’s Statement – This is an up-loadable document.  It is normally not more than three paragraphs that explain the “lens” of the artist – what do you uniquely “see” and how to you express what you see?  Some artists use one sentence; others use a full three paragraphs.  The Artist’s Statement helps the viewer get “on the same page” with the Artist and attempt to view the works through the eyes of the artist.


4.      An Avatar – This is the “photo” that becomes your “signature” for others to see.  For many, it is a straightforward headshot.  Others chose to use a logo, signature, or some other means of being seen consistently by the Directory viewers.


When an artist has all four components in a digital format, the “self-guided registering” usually takes 20 minutes or less.  Problems:  Tiana@shrevearts.org; 318-673-6500.  Tiana will stay late on Tuesday evenings, by appointment, to work with you to get your listing “up!”


These are reference videos to get you “started,” but we intend to “ratchet it up” from here: